Current Projects:

Columbia Youth Aikido Martial Arts Program Ages 8-10

Columbia Youth Creative Movement Class Ages 5-8

Stevens University College Wellness Program "Creative Movement"

Stevens University College Wellness Prorgram "Primal Flow"

Systema Martial Arts  - Jersey City/NYC

Previous Projects:

Systema:  Women's Self-Defense NYC

Systema:  Workshop - Contact Improvisation Practitioners NYC

Systema:  Workshop - Creating Power through Relaxation NYC

Systema:  Workshop - Martial Arts for Feldenkrais Practitioners NYC

Move Like a Human:  Intro To Movement Training

Functional Strength & Movement Classes Jersey City/NYC

Martial Arts & Movement:  The GO Project Ages 8-10 NYC

Email for info, schedule, and pricing.

Private Lessons

Lessons are customized to the individual's needs and goals.  Lessons are generally 1 hour.

Group Classes

We offer weekly drop-in group classes in Systema Martial Arts.  Drop-in classes for Movement Training and Yoga are occasionally available. Schedule is subject to change.  Classes are anywhere from 1.5 hours to 3 hours long.


Offered several times a year are workshops covering a variety of subjects.  Past workshop topics have included:  'Women's Self-Defense', 'Functional Movement', 'Systema for Contact Improvisation Practitioners', 'Creating Power through Relaxation.'

Workshops can be customized to any group of attendees at any skill level and cover any subject regarding movement, fitness, Yoga, or martial arts.


Private and Workshop prices are determined according to location and scheduling.  Discounts are offered for off-peak hours, low-income clients, and bartering opportunities.

Group Classes Drop-in Rates

$20 Drop-in

$80 for 5-Class Card

Private Studio in Downtown Jersey City
Local Parks in Jersey City
CAP21 Studios NYC (18W 18th Street)
Champion Studios NYC
Central Park
Your Home or Gym