Funda Gul

Certified Systema Instructor-in-Training

Certified Yoga Instructor

Pasquale Antonio

NASM Certified Personal  Trainer w/ Youth Specialization

Certified Systema Instructor

Certified Yoga Instructor

A natural, gifted mover, Funda assists Pasquale with Movement, Martial Arts and Women's Self-Defense Classes.  She is currently studying for her Yoga Certification and working towards her Ph.D in Mathematics at Stevens University. 

She also dabbles in Dance, Contact Improvisation, Parcon, Gymnastics, and Parkour

Pasquale designs and teaches Martial Arts and unique Movement Classes for Adults and Youth in NYC and Jersey City, NJ.  His methods of training are derived from a lifetime of experience in various Martial Arts, Sports, Yoga and movement disciplines.  While different disciplines propagate different methods of training and take a lifetime to master, they all have common principles based on natural human movement.  Pasquale focuses on the synergistic training of these principles and methods to develop optimal health and efficient skills through an individual's own creative movement.

His current interests include Systema, Dance, Yoga, Bodywork, Feldenkrais, Gymnastics, and Parkour.