The Jiyu philosophy of movement training is simplicity and function.  It is the search for freedom and autonomy in the body, mind, and spirit.  It is the goal of integrating into our lives the general unifying principles and skills that govern human health & movement by freeing ourselves of unnecessary restrictions.  Most disciplines and traditions have their 'techniques' or 'methods' which trains a specific skill set for a specific use.  The downside of this is that vision is narrowed to only one aspect of movement (and life) and not the bigger picture.  Strength then becomes weakness.  Instead, we focus on the individual as a whole.  This allows for customization to individual needs, and for more effortless creativity in our daily lives.  That being said, all methods and systems are valid within their intended context, but must be adapted to the individual.  The function must create the form, it doesn’t work the other way around despite some very popular views...

To master a skill, you must first master yourself.

When you learn to move freely without any obstructions- physical or mental, true learning is possible.  We do that through education as well as guided training by bringing awareness to what is that we are doing, minimizing tension and effort, and making better choices.  Above all we love to move, and we want to bring that same joy to you!  This way your health, arts, & life no matter what form they take, can flourish.

First, we get rid of what we don't need. Then we can learn.

This is difficult for everyone- it requires humility and a willingness to change.  We make so many excuses to sacrifice our own health- work, family, age, money, physical limitations, and then pile on the 'excess' that we think will make our lives better. The truth is everything in your life will improve if you first focus on your health, education, and the quality (not quantity) of your function in daily life.  EVERYONE CAN DO IT, BUT NO ONE CAN DO IT FOR YOU.  I can only give you the information on HOW.What we do is not a fad, a diet, a routine, a quick fix or for people concerned with only the aesthetics of 'exercise'.  That stuff is boring and limited.  Jiyu is the freedom from these limitations:  it is autonomy and self-study.  My goal is to help you to find your own practice and creativity in your life.

-Pasquale Antonio