While currently enrolled in a teacher training program RYT-200 with Yoga School NYC, we offer basic Asana and Pranayama guidance as it relates to Movement Development.  We chose The Yoga School Training Program due to its emphasis on adapting to an individual's needs consistent with the Krishnamacharya tradition.  We find it to be a very well-balanced program that develops all 8 limbs of Yoga. 


Martial Arts & Self-Defense

Systema Russian Martial Arts



Martial Arts Conditioning

Youth Programs

We are Certified Instructors in Systema and hold Black Belts in Aikido. Over the years we have explored Jujistu, Iaido, Tai Chi, BJJ, Boxing, and Wing Chun.

Research and Development

Continuous learning and exploration is a part of what we do. As people we are constantly changing whether we want to or not.  So we can either embrace and guide the change or resist it...  The human body and mind is capable of learning at any age.  We continuously dabble in other arts looking for more ways to improve our health and movement, and grow our training program. 

A few of the arts we continue to explore:  Contact Improvisation, Parkour, Parcon, Ballet, Dance, Gymnastics, Yoga, Feldenkris Method, and Various martial arts.

Movement Training

Jiyu is not a method- it is an intention that enhances any training.  The goal is to discover freedom, creativity, & effortlessness in your movement, to be free of restrictions, with an emphasis on optimizing health and performance in every aspect of your life. 

Movement training is a generalized approach to wellness.  We focus on the bigger picture of developing efficient, effortless, and fluid movement that functions in daily life and performance. There is no counting calories, reps, and sets. We focus on examining ourselves through principles and customize the practice to the individual.   Every aspect of movement is developed in a balanced way:  Training methods are primarily body weight oriented. Inspired by cross-disciplinary methods found in dance, gymnastics, yoga, martial arts, parkour, and other skill-based movement.  Appropriate for ALL LEVELS.