Coordination, Balance & Fitness
Spatial Awareness
Dealing with Stressful Situations
Respect & Self-Control
Develop Analytical Skills
Optimal Health & Moreā€¦

We do not compete. Competition and aggression are damaging to the body, mind, and spirit.  We do set up scenarios and allow for free play and improvisation. But our training methods are primarily cooperative learning.  Our training is to teach students how to remain calm and make better decisions under stress rather than becoming aggressive or emotional.

No belts, uniforms, or ranks.    These are constructs of the western versions of traditional martial arts that focus on martial arts as a sport.  They are a form of division and give a false sense of accomplishment.  Children (as well as adults) work more cooperatively with less ego when one does not feel they 'outrank' the other. Traditional uniforms are an option, but are costly, they grow out of them quickly, and take time to put on correctly and keep together which takes out of class time where the kids could be learning. Gym clothes are suggested. T-shirts with the name of the school/martial art are a better option. 

We currently offer youth training programs in Movement, Martial Arts, and Yoga.  We put an emphasis on teaching kids to utilize and create their own natural creative movement rather than try to program them with unnecessary patterns that create excessive tension. 

Classes are fun, diverse, non-competitive and teach children to be healthier and safe.  Martial Arts programs have a generalized approach to martial arts (rather than traditional/specialized) incorporating all aspects of martial arts.  This allows for greater variety and flexibility in our movement and more applicable for self-defense. 

Youth Programs

(Varies By Age Group)

Intro to Martial Arts Concepts
Creative Movement
Breathing & Relaxation
Calisthenics & Conditioning
Acrobatics / Gymnastics
Falling & Rolling
Grappling & Joint locks
Weapons Defense
Multiple Attacker Defense