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Pasquale Antonio

NASM Certified Personal  Trainer
Certified Systema Instructor
Certified Yoga Instructor RYT500
Certified Authentic Thai (Mat) Massage
Black Belt in Aikido ASU

Founder of JIYU Movement
Assistant Instructor at Systema New York City

Pasquale teaches Systema Martial Arts, Yoga, & Movement Classes for Adults and Youth in NYC and Jersey City, NJ.  His methods of training are derived from a lifetime of experience in various Martial Arts, Sports, Yoga and movement disciplines.  A prolific and dedicated student, he seeks knowledge in a large variety of areas- focusing on the fact that all disciplines have the same underlying human principles driving them.

In over15 years of training martial arts, Pasquale has explored Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, Jujitsu, Iado, Tai Chi, Wing Chun, and BJJ.  He discovered Systema in 2009 and began training with Edgars Cakuls of Systema New York City where he is now an assistant instructor.  Always a student first, he continues to develop himself under the guidance of Vladimir Vasiliev & Edgars Cakuls in Systema, and the Yoga School NY as a Yoga Instructor.  He also attends seminars with Mikhail Ryabko, Martin Wheeler, Danill Ryabko and other top Systema instructors.

Pasquale continues to explore movement and integrate the arts of Parkour, Various Combat Martial Arts, and Bodywork.

In addition to his movement background, Pasquale is also a life-long musician and attended Berklee College of Music.  He has both recorded music and played in bands for over 20 years.  Music continues to inspire and guide his movement practices.



Funda Gul

Systema Instructor-in-Training
Certified Yoga Instructor RYT200 (500-Hour Student)
Contact Improvisation Instructor
Black Belt in Aikido ASU
Assistant Instructor JIYU Movement

Native of Ankara, Turkey Funda came to the US for college in 2009.  A naturally gifted mover, Funda has studied various movement disciplines beginning with Aikido in 2005 eventually earning her Black Belt. She then continued her movement journey and earned instructor certifications in Systema and Yoga. 

Funda continues to train and collaborate with movers in Contact Improvisation, Dance, Parkour, and Parcon (a blend of Contact Improvisation and Parkour). Funda teaches movement and self-defense in New York City and New Jersey, and assists Pasquale with workshops and classes.

In addition to being a talented mover, Funda also holds a PhD in Mathematics from Stevens Institute of Technology.