Movement Training

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A Skill-Based Approach to Health & Wellness

No mindless repetitions, nothing to memorize, no weight classes, ranks, belts, competitions, cookie-cutter approaches, expensive equipment, pumped-up egos, memberships, special deals, or commercial nonsense. 

We exist for the true explorers...

Our training is all about you, your relationship with your body, your environment, and how you can obtain optimal health and wellness through learning useful and enjoyable skills.  We customize our training to our students, rather than try to fit them into our 'system'.  Our approach is to work within the ‘human system’ and to discover what is appropriate for the individual to obtain the best health possible and learn useful skills.

We do not have a 'gym' mentality.  You won't do monkey-see-monkey-do routines.  You will be educated, you will interpret, develop, explore, and ultimately create. You will have homework.  We are looking for dedicated students and teachers who wish to examine themselves and go further.

If you just want a mindless routine and to break a sweat, this is not for you.  If you are naturally interested in discovering your potential through natural, skill-based movement, and have a more inquisitive approach to life and yourself, then we are eager to meet you!

To work with us, your ability & fitness level is irrelevant. All you need is a desire to explore and improve on what you already have...