Our training is based on principle, function, optimizing heath, and self-inquiry

We identify with the mentality of teachers and students - not service providers and consumers.

While most of what we do is body-weight and environment oriented, we also utilize kettle bells, free weights, sticks, chains, ropes, medicine balls, and therapeutic tools as well. Animal movements, floor work, and self-defense are some of our most popular subjects.  We also integrate philosophy, meditation, and therapeutic practices (bodywork, etc.).

Training Modalities

  • Systema Martial Arts

  • Self-Defense / Fighting

  • Yoga

  • Calisthenics

  • Floor work

  • Animal Movements / Locomotion

  • Parkour

  • Kettle Bells

  • Free Weights

  • Medicine Ball

  • Stick Work

  • Meditation

  • Bodywork