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MOVE LIKE A HUMAN: Mind-Body-Breath Workshop

  • 440 Lafayette Street RM4E New York, NY 10003 (map)

Discover meditation in motion. We will explore the link between body and mind- the breath, and how it can heal us, relax us, focus us, and improve our movement and creativity for both performance and daily life. 

Movements are inspired by Martial Arts, Yoga, Dance, Parkour and Functional Fitness. The intensity of this class can be adjusted to the individual. Discover the advantages of principle based training rather than boring or exhausting exercise routines and counting reps and sets. All exercises are mainly calisthenic- using our own body weight with minimal or no equipment. 

Subjects Coverd:

Breathing Exercises
Basic Calisthenics
Floor Work
Animal Movements
Exploring range of motion 
Flow work
Partnered Work
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