Systema Russian Martial Arts

Headquarters:  www.russianmartialart.com

Systema builds its foundation on the principles of the physiological systems of the human body.  The four major principles of study are Breathing, Relaxation, Structure, and Movement. Instead of teaching various techniques for various situations, Systema focuses on methods that develop movements that are explosive, effortless, spontaneous and unpredictable all while remaining free of excessive tension or emotion- the hallmarks of a true professional. The result is highly efficient, practical martial application that is both unpredictable and explosive. There are no competitions, no belts, no forms to memorize, or traditions to follow. Instead we focus on examining ourselves, the extent of our limitations, and to see how proud and weak we really are. Systema is also known by another name "poznai sebia" or "Know Yourself."

In addition to being a devastating and efficient martial art, Systema is an incredibly advanced movement system that can improve all aspects of your life and performance. The philosophy can be applied to sports, work, other martial arts, and relationships. We work hard to recognize and remove excessive tension and unhealthy patterns in our lives, and find resolutions to problems free of fear and aggression. Health benefits include increased creativity and adaptability, optimal health, stress reduction, body awareness, self-healing, and situation awareness.