Wellness Programs

Our approach to long-term health is by encouraging independence through education…

Our day to day lives are extremely imbalanced. Many of us work jobs that require us to sit long hours at desks, navigate busy commutes, juggle responsibilities and maintain difficult relationships. Conventional fitness and commercial approaches try to get you to throw money at gym memberships and products that you might never use or just make things more expensive and add extreme physical stress to an already stressed life. Our bodies are atrophied, injured, and malnourished and as a result our minds are exhausted and unfocused.

Good news is, you can do better with less. You don’t need a gym, any machines, or any products. You already have most of the tools you need. What you may be lacking is the knowledge. Bad news is, you need to take responsibility for your own health and well-being rather expecting a gym, product, or person to do it for you- and that is not easy. It is work-not so much as investing more time, but investing in changing how you move through your life.

All illness and injury originates from the poor patterns in our lives. Our wellness program seeks to help you identify those patterns (the physical and mental) and create healthier, more productive ones.

Wellness Classes are taught several times a year on a variety of subjects. See the Schedule tab for upcoming classes.

Classes and Seminars for Colleges, Universities and Businesses are available on a variety of subjects. Contact Jiyu.movement@gmail.com for more information.


The 5 Pillars of Health (Diet, Sleep, Exercise, Socialization, Self-Inquiry)
Developing Effortless Movement
Creative Movement
Functional Fitness
Self-Defense and Situational Awareness
Conflict Resolution
Stress Management
Joint Health
Therapeutic Movement