Based on the teachings of T. Krishnamacharya, the ‘Grandfather of Modern Yoga' and his son, TKV Desikachar.  

' The function must create the form, not the other way around.'
-Yoga School NY

This approach to Yoga is to individualize the practice to the student. This lineage of Yoga is well-balanced to include aspects of all 8 limbs of Yoga and includes Asana, Pranayama, Philosophy, Meditation, and Vedic Chanting.

Many modern/conventional styles of Yoga have emerged focusing on choreographed sequences and are primarily Asana (posture) focused.  Often these sequences include postures too complex for the majority of people to perform and gain any benefit and can even cause injury.  Therefore the function is lost as well as the health benefits. Many people are intimidated by advanced practitioners with 'Yoga Bodies', when in truth the practice should be adjusted to the individual. 

We seek to make Yoga practice and the health benefits accessible to everyone.