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Systema Martial Arts


Health and Wellness
Practical Self-Defense & Anti-Bullying
Critical Thinking & Analytical Skills
Body Awareness
Situational Awareness

Systema Martial Arts

Systema Russian Martial Arts focuses on principle and practicality rather than technique and tradition. Students learn how to prevent conflict whenever possible and how to respond to difficulty by being calm and adaptable to their current situation.  They will learn how to improvise and make better decisions in the moment. This martial art includes all aspects of martial arts: falling, moving on the ground, striking, joint locks, weapons defense, multiple attackers, and more! This class is taught through paired exercises, solo exercises, and games.

There are no belts, no ranks, no traditions, and no nonsense! Emphasis is placed on the cooperative study of ourselves and how we relate to an ever changing environment. We encourage being kind, humble, inclusive and adaptive. Systema helps develop practical life skills and self-defense free of pride and aggression. Our classes are fun, friendly, and encourage an inclusive mindset.

Creative Movement (& Yoga)

Our creative movement class is a blend of martial arts, yoga, parkour, dance, gymnastics, and movement games. Young kids are not wired to sit still and quiet, and this class lets them be themselves while developing useful skills for a healthy body and mind during this critical period of their development. Our approach is to work from the principles of how the nervous system learns by introducing the children to a constantly changing environment that encourages critical thinking in the moment. Keys human skills are taught: crawling, jumping, throwing, catching, balancing, falling, rolling, inversions, flexibility, and self-control.

Ninja Skills

This class is a blend of martial arts and basic Parkour skills. Kids will learn how to move efficiently over obstacles in various ways: vaulting, jumping, climbing, etc. Martial arts skills are focused primarily on escaping and utilizing their environment to get to safety.

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